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2019 : Bernadette year

2019 - Bernadette year

The year 2019 marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of Bernadette and the 140th of her death. It should be especially helpful therefore in enabling us, through this young girl from Lourdes, to discover the face of Mary. The Sanctuary is offering a number of events to help us in this endeavour.

  • The theme of the year, “Blessed are the poor” which everyone can confidently make use of to support their approach to pilgrimage.
  • The path of Bernadette that leads to the village of Bartrès, close to Lourdes, has been upgraded. Bernadette lived there, at Madame Lagües’s, helping with jobs on the farm, especially looking after the sheep.
  • The pilgrimage of the relics of St. Bernadette. They visited some Italian dioceses in 2017, and then France, Spain and Germany this year. In 2019, they will return to Normandy, Spain and Italy … A reliquary is always available for veneration in the Sanctuary crypt. The relics will also be venerated at the end of each International Mass on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the pilgrimage season.
  • Bernadette of Lourdes. A musical ‘in residence’ at Lourdes, at the Robert Hossein room, from 1st July to 27th October 2019.